Casa Del Sol Y La Luna

Welcome to Casa Del Sol Y La Luna

Awash in the warm Mexican sunshine and nestled on a lush palm tree covered hillside is the jewel of one of Mexico’s most exclusive private developments

This beautiful handcrafted Mexican villa is located in the luxurious private development known as La Punta near Manzanillo, Mexico.

With spectacular picture window views from anywhere in the villa, you have commanding views of the Pacific Ocean, the Bay of Santiago, and the Bay of Manzanillo. This Mexican villa awaits your arrival for the vacation of a lifetime!

Browse our website and picture yourself soaking up the sun and the fun with your family and friends at this completely safe and secure south of the border vacation rental!

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The Villa

PicThe owners of this magnificent villa fell in love with Manazanillo and La Punta over 25 years ago! To this day Casa del Sol y La Luna still seems timeless and offers new peace and relaxation with every visit.

During a vacation visit to the nearby Las Hadas Resort and an afternoon real estate tour with a realtor to La Punta, the owners immediately fell in love and purchased their lush overgrown hillside lot and embarked on their journey to create a rustic Mexican hacienda for all to enjoy!

PicTheir objective was to create an authentic rustic Mexican casa. They wanted a place where one could go back in time, relax and reflect on a simpler lifestyle. While many of the surrounding villas and homes were constructed to look like the US and Canadian homes of their owners, Casa del Sol y La Luna was constructed honoring the architecture of the country where it was to be built and where it’s owners had come to love…MEXICO!

The owners hope that all guests can understand the 5 Star casualness was meant to appeal to any and all and are sure you will agree after you spend your vacation there!

Casa del Sol y La Luna offers the true warmth of Mexico through it’s food, service and staff. One reason why we think Kenny Chesney’s song says it best….

“No shoes, No shirt, No problem”...

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The Location

The villa is actually located in the city called Santiago, located in the Mexican state of Colima. Colima is one of the most prosperous states in all of Mexico, and Manzanillo is the busiest seaport in all of Mexico.

Manzanillo Bay was discovered in 1527 and became an important departure point for far reaching expeditions. For over 300 years the history of the Pacific Coast of Mexico is filled with accounts of pirates from Portugal, England, France and even Spain looting and burning ships for their treasure laden cargo.

In 1825 Manzanillo became a port and was named for all of the groves of Manzanillo trees used in building ships. As the railroad was completed and electricity and clean water became available the whole area grew very quickly and today it is one of Mexico’s busiest cities with shipping, industry and tourism leading the way.

The La Punta development itself is located on a peninsula that splits the bay in two, creating the Bay of Manzanillo and the Bay of Santiago. It is covered with golf courses, resorts, hotels and condominiums and all types and varieties of private homes---the most exclusive and luxurious of them being the private and securely gated La Punta development.

The area is easily reached by plane from almost anywhere in the world via a modern international airport located approximately 45 minutes from the villa and served by numerous airlines, including Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, Continental and Mexicana Airlines. You can see the airport at this link here:


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PicSince you are on vacation activity number one should be relaxation! But if you have some extra energy you want to release then there are many activities available for you to consider. Here are some suggestions:
  1. Walk around the La Punta development! It is safe secure and at night the streets are all well lit. Enjoy looking at the other villas as they are all unique and beautiful. Sometimes there are realtor hosted open houses so you can tour them!
  2. Tennis—while on that walk you’re sure to see the tennis court area. They are available for the use of all guests and are even well lit if you enjoy playing under the lights in the evening (when it is much cooler too!)
  3. PicFishing---Manzanillo is known as the sailfish capital of the world! Many other species are available to catch as well including snapper, mahi-mahi, tuna, rock fish and may more. If you catch fish bring it back and have Pablo and Rosa cook it for dinner! Pablo can make arrangements for you if you want to fish and will drop you off and pick you up where the boats launch.
  4. Shopping! Manzanillo has a very vibrant central shopping district including a fresh market where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables fish and meat. There are also plenty of souvenirs in many shops there too. The little town of Santiago is closer and though smaller, has a great selection of shops and a central market to browse and walk through.
  5. Day trips---If you chose our option of paying for the driver and Suburban during your stay you should consider a day trip to a nearby city or town and experience seeing more than just Manzanillo or Santiago. Places like Barra de Navidad (, Cihuatlan (, Melaque ( These little towns have all the charm of old Mexico and are loaded with great experiences for you to have!
  6. There are many more that are not listed here but just ask, we have lots of recommendations! Our personal feelings are that you will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the villa but certainly encourage you to get out and experience some great Mexican culture! Be sure to see the link for the the La Playa Escondida private beach!

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The Staff

PicCasa del Sol y La Luna has an on site staff that actually live in their own quarters attached to the villa. They will always be close by to answer your questions or help you!

Pablo is the houseman/gardner/chauffeur/cook and his lovely wife Rosa is always cleaning and cooking as well!

Your greatest memories may very well be of how you were spoiled and pampered by both Pablo and Rosa during your stay!

Prepare yourself for some of the most amazing meals you have ever had! The food will not only be delicious and amazing but you will be treated to meals that are cooked the traditional Mexican way with spices and flavors that are unbelievable! And everyone of them is served with 5 star restaurant service and presentation!

You can have as many meals as you wish as often as you like and we suggest a light breakfast, an early afternoon “supper” (the largest meal of the day) and then a light meal in the early evening while the sun sets.

PicPablo will do all of your shopping and we can help you with suggestions for meals, but part of the fun is just telling him and Rosa to fix you something they think you should have (taking into consideration you telling them anything you WON’T eat).

One of the fun experiences everyone should enjoy at least once (if not every time shopping needs to be done) is going to the supermarket to shop for the 1st few days meals and snacks (partially to help make sure Pablo gets what you like but partially to see what a large Mexican grocery store is like!) There are several large grocery stores to shop in, some that rival the largest you may have at home, including a Super WalMart!

Pablo and Rosa are both from the Santiago and Salagua areas nearby and their children and grandchildren sometimes visit so be sure and tell the kids hi if you see them!

Pablo can help you plan anything you may want to do, scuba, fishing, day trips, shopping trips etc. Just ask and it may take more than one conversation! He runs on Mexican time and sometimes does not completely understand English so explain what you mean! It’s fun!

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The Private Beach

PicBesides all of the lovely and luxurious villas located in the La Punta development the best kept secret that is one of the best parts of staying at Casa del Sol y La Luna is that you have complete access to a private beach reserved exclusively for owners and guests!

PicYou will be amazed at how lovely the beach is, how quiet and peaceful it is and how, in most instances you will be the only one there! It is not unusual that even at mid day on a weekend day that you will be the only one there with your choice of ocean front palapas to pick from! PLUS a beautiful beachside pool, locker rooms and showers!

There is even beverage and food service right to your table! You can order off quite an extensive menu from a waitress and she will keep you happy!

Another option is for Pablo and Rosa to pack you a lunch and an ice chest full of beverages to take if you prefer.

Pablo can show you where this beach is and either deliver you in the Suburban or it is about a 10 minute walk from the villa.

Just be sure to make at least one trip there and put your feet in the sand!

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High Season rate: $600/day $4200 per week, Saturday-Saturday rental only. November 1- April 30th

Holiday weeks such as Thanksgiving, Christmas-New Years and Easter are an additional $1000 per week.

Low Season rate: $475/day $3325 per week, Saturday-Saturday rental only. May 1-October 31st

Deposit: Upon booking, half of the rental fee is due to hold the reservation. If reserved 30 days prior to arrival full rental fee plus damage deposit is due on booking. If booked longer than 30 days out then 30 days before arrival the remaining half of rental fee is due along with a refundable $500 damage deposit. (Some La Punta villas require up to $2000 damage deposit).

Cancellation policy: If cancelled within 45 days of arrival, entire deposit is refunded. If cancelled within 30 days of arrival deposit amount is non refundable but damage deposit is fully refundable.